Buried unexploded ordnances (UXO) present land developers with a real threat to workers and the public.

We conduct surveys for locating UXOs using various geophysical methods such as magnetometer surveys (for ferrous targets), electromagnetic conductivity (EM) and time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) surveys (for non-ferrous targets). 

Our UXO services include 

  • UXO Preliminary Threat Assessment
  • Surface clearance
    A rapid reconnaissance survey using surface detection methods for UXO targets 2–3 below the surface. An anomaly map is produced to enable further investigation and avoidance of potential UXOs. Ideal for clearing shallow trial pit locations.
  • UXO clearance before drilling
    We use a magnetometer probe, which is lowered down the borehole during drilling operations to check and ensure that deep UXOs are not encountered.

Please note that the detectability of UXO measurements will vary from site to site and will depend on the ground conditions and the size of the target.

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