SafeGround’s electromagnetic location (EML) survey, which includes field inspection of utility infrastructure, offers a rapid, low-cost site assessment for locating cables, ferrous pipes, ducts and gravity drainage.

We use a state-of-the-art Radiodetection RD8000 pipe and cable locator that can non-intrusively locate a wide variety of metallic cables and pipes. If augmented with a trace wire or a radiosonde, it can detect non-metallic pipes (clay, concrete, plastic etc.) 

All services are marked on site using paint. Our operators can accurately survey the lines using total station surveying equipment to produce a CAD map of the site.

In addition to the radiodetection survey, we undertake a cover lifting exercise of all inspection and manhole covers, and values. The pits are inspected and every aspect (depth, size, flow direction and type) of the utilities recorded. Photographs are taken if required. The information is integrated into the map of the site.

If non-ferrous pipes and ducts (such as deep sewers) are known to cross the area, we recommend an additional ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey. For a comprehensive overview of the site, see our utility mapping service.

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